Race Fuels

Master Distributor of VP Racing Fuels

Downs Energy is a Master Distributor of VP Racing Fuels. We carry many blends of VP to meet your specifications. Whether you are racing in the desert or on water, we have the right fuel for you. We offer VP in 5 and 54-gallon pails/drums for delivery or will call. In addition, we offer VP 101 Octane Unleaded Street Legal and VP 110 Octane Leaded Fuels at the pump.

World Leader in Race Fuel Technology

VP is now recognized by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of more than 80 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. The passion and dedication of VP’s development team to staying on the leading edge of technology is legendary. Most of VP’s employees are or have been racers in one form or another and are driven by the competitive will to win. Together, the VP team intends to solidify its position as the true World Leader in Race Fuel Technology for years to come.

Customer Support

If you need assistance in choosing the correct performance fuel for your race car, bike or boat, contact our Customer Service department at 888.810.FUEL (3835). Additional tech support can be found by visiting vpracingfuels.com or calling VP Racing Fuels’ tech support line at 812.878.2025.

Bulk Deliveries

Bulk 101 Octane Unleaded Street Legal and 110 Octane Leaded available for delivery.

Non-Complying Race Fuel Certificates

Race Fuel purchased for the sole purpose of racing or use in watercraft.

Race Fuel purchased, sales tax free, with the intent of selling to an End User.

Race Fuel purchased from a dispenser at a Downs Energy Location.

Fueling Business. Delivering Performance.®
Fueling Business.
Delivering Performance.®