Phillips 66® Multiplex 460 is a premium quality, adhesive, extreme pressure (EP), lithium complex grease specially developed for use in demanding industrial applications such as steel rolling mills where high loads, high temperatures and/or wet conditions exist.

Multiplex 460 is manufactured with a lithium complex soap thickener, high viscosity base oils and a high performance tackifier. It is fortified with EP and antiwear additives as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors. It is an adhesive grease designed to have excellent resistance to water spray-off and adhesion to bearing surfaces. This provides protection of metal parts against rust and corrosion and superior lubrication in extremely wet environments, specifically those found in steel rolling mills where bearings are exposed to large volumes of cooling water. It has excellent oxidation resistance providing a long service life and a high load carrying capacity for excellent wear protection.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures
  • Excellent EP and antiwear properties
  • High load carrying capacity
  • High shear stability
  • Excellent resistance to water washout and water spray-off
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Good adhesion to metal surfaces
  • High dropping point (>500°F)
  • Does not contain heavy metals or other environmentally undesirable components


  • Rolling mills, hot roll tables, continuous casters, ingot buggies and slab mills
  • Steel mill rolling bearings, conveyers and gears
  • Heavily loaded plain and rolling element bearings in industrial and mobile equipment
  • Chassis parts on heavy mobile equipment
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