On-Site Lube Survey

At Downs Energy, we aren’t here to simply cross-reference the lubricants that you’re using today, we’re here to act as your lubrication consultants. That’s why a lube survey is a crucial part of our approach, to ensure the proper lubricants and processes are in place so that your operation is running at optimal performance.

What is a lubrication survey?

A lubrication survey is an overall assessment of your lubrication equipment. Working alongside our certified team of engineers, we’re able to evaluate your equipment’s efficiency and highlight ways to improve your lubrication practices.


  • Lower inventory costs
  • Consolidate products
  • Maintain OEM warranty compliance
  • Increase safety
  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Decrease downtime
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase profitability

Next Steps

  • Set an appointment with our specialist
  • Develop a maintenance schedule
  • Ensure the proper lubricants are being used
  • Consolidate products
  • Evaluate oil storage & handling
  • Ensure safety & compliance
  • Tag lubrication points
  • Set oil analysis standards

If you’re interested in starting a new lubrication program or thinking about improving the one that’s in place today, contact us today.

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