Oil Analysis

We understand that your equipment is an investment; that’s why maintaining your equipment’s health is so important; in fact, your operation depends on it. Detect issues before they become detrimental and avoid unplanned downtime by implementing an oil analysis program. We’ll not only provide you the tools to get you started, we’ll walk you through each step, be engaged in analyzing your results, and provide a detailed action plan to get you on the path toward maximum protection.

What is oil analysis?

Oil analysis is a predictive maintenance tool that analyzes the health of your lubricants, machine wear, and contamination. It helps to identify potential issues before they materialize into serious issues that can lead to downtime and potentially damage your equipment. With our assistance, this tool can also be used to reduce your oil drain intervals so that you can spend less time servicing your equipment and spend more time maximizing productivity.


  • Maximize equipment efficiency & reliability
  • Increase equipment life
  • Extend oil drain intervals
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce reactive maintenance expenses
  • Improve safety

Next Steps

  • Identify equipment that’s critical to your productivity
  • Register and tag the equipment
  • Extract samples
  • Label samples
  • Send samples to the laboratory
  • Review and reply to test results
  • Establish regular oil sampling
  • Implement a preventative maintenance program

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