Cost Savings Strategies

One thing that we consistently hear from our customers is that they’re looking to reduce costs, in fact, cutting costs is necessary in order to stay competitive in this challenging economic climate. We not only understand this need, we have found ways to address this need. As we learn more about your unique operation, we actively look for opportunities to reduce your costs.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Some may think that downgrading their lubricants is the solution to cutting costs, however, sacrificing the quality of your oil has the potential to increase your overall costs. A Total Cost of Ownership analysis allows us to find the expenses that often get overlooked and find ways to reduce those expenses.

Extended Oil Drain Intervals

Many customers don’t realize that the OEM recommendation for their oil drain intervals may be much longer than what they’re currently doing. If done properly alongside oil analysis, extending your oil drains can significantly reduce costs and increase productivity.

Synthetic Lubricants

Consider using higher quality lubricants to not only protect your investment but to decrease costs. Why would a higher quality oil cost less? Because it’s not about the cost of the product, it’s about the cost to do business. We offer a wide array of synthetic blend and full synthetic lubricants that will offer you consistency, stability, and the protection your equipment needs.

Fuel Efficient Lubricants

For fleet owners, fuel is easily one of their top three expenses, so even a slight improvement on fuel efficiency can have a huge impact on expenses. We offer lower viscosity CK-4 and FA-4 lubricants that can increase your fuel savings without sacrificing your engine protection.

Uncover the Financial Impact of Improper Lubrication

Improper lubrication practices can lead to equipment failures. When your equipment fails, you’re left with the cost of replacement parts, unplanned downtime, and increased maintenance costs. We will not only ensure the proper lubricants are being used, we will help your team avoid under-lubrication, over-lubrication, and cross-contamination of products.

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