Why Downs Energy Supports the California Fuels & Convenience Alliance

For over 30 years, Downs Energy has been heavily involved with the California Fuels & Convenience Alliance (CFCA), formally known as the California Independent Oil Marketers Association (CIOMA). Our president, Mike Downs, remains an active member of the organization, having served on the board for six years and led the organization as CFCA president in 2017.

The CFCA is a major proponent for small, family-owned, and minority-owned businesses within the fuel and oil industry, representing the needs of California’s marketers, distributors, and transporters of fuel products. Members of the organization lobby at the capitol level for policy improvements that directly impact how businesses like Downs Energy can best serve fuel customers.

Mike Downs - 2017 CIOMA President

2017 President Mike Downs (Left) and Immediate Past President Tom Van De Pol (Right)

The CFCA Advocates for Fuel Customers

On average, Californians pay more for fuel products than other states. Filling up the tank in California costs extra due to statewide factors like:

  • Environmental programs
  • High taxes
  • Isolated fuel market
  • Low-emission fuel refining processes
  • Too few refineries

Members of the CFCA actively educate leaders and policymakers about these factors, fighting to reduce the negative impact they can have on businesses throughout the state. The CFCA’s efforts also work to ensure these impacts will not worsen in the years to come.

The CFCA Supports Fuel Education

California’s fuel industry is a complex system of refineries, marketing/distributing companies, transporters, and more that all work together to keep our state in motion. Fuel and oil policies affect all California businesses and residents, and the CFCA wants to ensure state and local policymakers make well-informed, well-educated decisions about our industry.

The CFCA’s mission is to thoroughly educate leaders within the fuel industry, political sphere, and beyond to ensure our state benefits from the best economic and environmental decisions regarding fuel and oil.

The CFCA Connects Industry Leaders to Policymakers

The CFCA consistently engages with political leaders at the state and local levels, lobbying on behalf of our industry’s businesses and members. As part of its dedication to education and advocacy, the CFCA creates opportunities that allow leaders in the fuel and oil industry to meet with and speak directly to California’s state senators and assemblymembers.

Included in its year-round lobbying efforts, the CFCA hosts Day at the Capitol (DATC), a multi-day event where members share crucial information regarding our industry with California legislators. Business and governmental leaders come together to discuss the impact that certain political decisions have and will continue to have on fuel and oil in our state.

cioma day at the capitol

Day at the Capitol – (Left to Right) District 31 State Senator Richard D. Roth, Matt Ritzi, Mike Downs, and Ron Skelskey, all with Downs Energy, Ed Ward of Valley Pacific Petroleum, Tom Coleman of Downs Energy.

Because of our involvement with the CFCA, multiple members of Downs Energy’s leadership team have had the opportunity to participate in these impactful meetings, speaking directly with state senators and assemblymembers about issues concerning our corner of the industry and our customers.

Downs Energy is a petroleum marketing company committed to serving California’s fuel and lubricant customers with the highest-quality products and services.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we maintain strong partnerships with organizations like the California Fuels & Convenience Alliance, continuously advocating for businesses and residents throughout the state. Discover more about Downs Energy, our products, and our capabilities by visiting