LIQUI MOLY Partners with Downs Energy


This article is provided courtesy of LIQUI MOLY USA Inc., July 2022.

LIQUI MOLY is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Downs Energy; a third-generation, family-owned and operated Petroleum Marketing business. With over 80 years of expertise, Downs Energy is a complete supplier of fuel, lubricants, and additives, servicing the southern California region. They provide their customers with lubricants services that increase equipment value and improve reliability, profitability, and performance.

In addition, they also fund Fuel the Cause, which brings direct support and attention to local, regional, and global charitable organizations and causes. This philanthropic ideology is similar to the values that LIQUI MOLY was built on. LIQUI MOLY’s former President, Ernst Prost, shared these values and was very passionate about his own charity, the Ernst Prost Foundation.

LIQUI MOLY has been in operation since 1957. Since the beginning, we have strived to offer the best oils and additives the industry has to offer. From heavy-duty trucks to cars, SUVs, and powersports, you’ll have a hard time finding a vehicle we don’t make a quality oil for. Voted the best oil in Germany for the last 11 years, we are dedicated to quality and service.

When we asked Downs Energy’s Lubricants Sales Manager, Elizabeth Hills, why LIQUI MOLY was attractive as an additional lubricant supplier, she stated that “LIQUI MOLY is a cool, innovative company that has quickly accelerated to the best in class. They deliver cutting-edge solutions without compromising on quality or performance. We’re proud that LIQUI MOLY has chosen Downs Energy as a partner and can’t wait for this journey to begin.” Downs Energy now offers a complete line of LIQUI MOLY products that includes everything from oils and greases to repair and service products.

For a complete list of LIQUI MOLY products now available through Downs Energy, visit