Downs Energy Total Fuel Management Program (TFMP)

total fuel management program

With fuel costs approaching $4.00 per gallon, companies are increasingly at risk for fuel theft. The financial burden a company faces because of ‘fuel slippage’ (the monetary loss resulting from hidden, unauthorized purchases) can account for up to 15% of annual fuel costs. Using a Down’s Energy TFMP puts the control back in your hands, saving gallons at the pump and increasing company profits.

Why Fleet Owners and Managers Love the Downs Energy TFMP

The Downs Energy TFMP lets fleet owners/managers control their fuel card usage by setting limitations (controls), track purchases, and run real-time, detailed reports, broken down by individual driver or vehicle. Customized reports can also be run daily, weekly, monthly, or for any selected date range, allowing you to determine consumption patterns.

With the help of Downs’ Fuel Management Specialist (888.810.3835), you can set controls cross-company or for individual drivers.

Available controls:

  • Authorized fueling times and days
  • Number of transactions per day
  • Gallons purchased per transaction
  • Gallon limits per day, week, or month
  • Fuel types
  • Driver ID authorization

Fleet owners and managers also love:

  • Real-time alerts that notify you of an unauthorized transaction, allowing you to immediately address these purchases
  • The ability to adjust your controls without having to reissue cards or interrupt service

Setting up your TFMP is easy! Just:

  1. Decide which controls to place on fuel card use.
  2. Call our friendly Fuel Management Specialists (888.810.3835) who will set up a custom program for you.
  3. Institute a driver fuel policy, and notify/train employees.
  4. Monitor reports. By comparing mileage entered at the pump and the number of gallons purchased, you can determine if there is a vehicle maintenance issue or if there’s an employee-related issue.
  5. Watch your profits grow!

1 Page Report

Driver Fuel Policy

A TFMP includes, not only setting your controls, but also instituting a driver fuel policy. The policy clearly states your expectations for drivers who are assigned a fuel card.

We recommend that, at a minimum, your policy clearly states:

  • That the card is not to be used by another driver or for personal use
  • That the driver is personally accountable for all transactions made on that card
  • What the driver must enter at the pump (for instance, odometer reading, driver number, and/or vehicle number)
  • Which fuel type may be purchased for each vehicle
  • That the card is for fuel purchases only
  • What will appear on the report. This will encourage employees to follow the policy.
  • The actions that will be taken if the policy is not followed

Then, have each employee sign the policy, and give them a copy.

Are you ready to start eliminating fuel slippage and increasing profits?

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