Downs Energy Sponsors 15 Year Old Off-Road Champion!

Mikayla Nielsen

Mikayla Nielsen started riding dirt bikes when she was 3 ½ and began her racing career at the age of 7. Her father, Michael Nielsen, has supported her journey every step of the way, and that includes purchasing her race fuel from Downs Energy.

In 2017, Downs Energy began sponsoring Mikayla with pricing discounts on the VP Racing Fuel that gives her the edge by keeping her bike running at peak performance. Coming off an incredible 2019 season where she was named the American Motorcycle Association Female Athlete of the Year, we awarded Mikayla a full product sponsorship.

In 2020, at just 15 years old, Mikayla earned three off-road national titles that included the Women A, 125CC B, and Supermini classes. Another major accomplishment for her was at the off-road race series on October 24th, the Grand National Cross-Country Series at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana. It is the largest east coast off-road race event. In this single major event, Mikayla raced through woods, creeks, fields, and hills. After two hours of racing, she placed first in the women’s class, finishing 7 minutes faster than her nearest competitor.

For the upcoming 2021 race season, Mikayla will compete in several off-road events such as the National Grand Prix Championship Series, the Grand National Cross Country, and the World Off-Road Championship.

In a recent conversation with Michael he stated, “With the support of Downs Energy and VP Racing Fuels, Mikayla is able to travel all across the country competing in these motocross and off-road events. Not having any experience with motocross racing, our family has all learned together. It has been a wild and fun ride!”

We are very proud to sponsor Mikayla and we look forward to a continuing relationship with her as she furthers her motocross career. You can follow Mikayla and her racing events via her posts to her Instagram account @motokaykay or by following the race events above.

Downs Energy is a Master Distributor of VP Racing Fuels. For more information on VP Racing Fuels and the specific products we offer, please contact our customer service department at 888.810.3835.