Downs Energy Fleet Card Online Access

Manage Your Fleet 24/7

With the Downs Energy CFN fleet card, you have access to technology that helps you to efficiently and cost effectively run your business. No more waiting for essential information that drives your fleet. You have the ability to download transactions into Excel and view gallons, date/time, location, product, card number, card label, driver, vehicle, and odometer entry.
Other great features included:

• Immediate lockout of cards
• Transaction and gallons per transaction limits
• Exception Reporting
• Update Driver Fueling Profiles
• Track Vital Card and Account Information
• View Transactions and Authorizations
• Custom Reporting on Fuel Usage
• Download Your Fuel Transactions

Real Time Notifications with E-receipts

Every time a selected Downs Energy CFN fuel card is authorized, declined, or the sale is complete, an e-mail is sent to a designated cell phone or computer. This is just one of the many security and tracking features offered by Downs Energy.

Take control of your fleet with the Downs Energy CFN fleet card.

Please contact one of our customer service team members if you have any questions.