Downs Energy and CFN - A 34-Year Partnership

The Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) is a nationwide network that delivers innovation, flexibility, and leading fuel products to business owners and fleet managers across the United States. It also offers convenience, as CFN members can access 57,000+ cardlock and retail fueling locations, including the Downs Energy cardlock sites.

The Precursor – Key Locks

Downs Energy has always strived to remain at the forefront of commercial fueling innovation, even before our involvement with CFN. In 1976, a year after taking over his father’s business, John Downs and his wife, Catherine, opened an unmanned key lock fueling station that served commercial drivers in the area. Only drivers with their fleet’s unique key could access the Downs Energy station and fill their tanks.

The Start with CFN

Our current owner, Mike Downs, joined Downs Energy in the 1980s and quickly recognized that CFN was poised to take the concept of cardlock fueling to the next level. Downs became a CFN participant in 1989, a year after the network was started.

The Company then opened multiple cardlock sites from Corona to Temecula and beyond to serve the many fleets who wanted to take advantage of the robust nationwide network.

Downs Energy and the CFNPA

In 2005, Mike Downs and other CFN fuel marketers joined forces to found the Cardlock Fuel Network Participants Association (CFNPA). These leaders saw the need to create a community where marketers could share up-to-date news regarding the cardlock fuel card network and develop a collective voice to represent and promote the interest of its members.

Through the CFNPA’s diverse board membership and committee structure, the association connects participants to Fleetcor, the parent company of CFN and Pacific Pride, and other fuel card companies in an organized and cohesive manner.

Mike Downs was a CFNPA board member for eight years and led the organization as President. Mike remains a strong PA proponent and encouraged Tom Coleman, our Vice President and General Manager, to serve on the board. Tom has been a board member for six years and currently serves as President.

Downs Energy is proud of its long-standing partnership with CFN and its contributions to the mission of the CFNPA.

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