Distinguished Partner: Marketplace Chaplains

Since 2010, Downs Energy has partnered with Marketplace Chaplains to provide support, tools, and resources to help our employees focus on what matters most: find joy, navigate stress, and manage difficult personal circumstances. We are pleased to highlight Marketplace Chaplains as a Distinguished Partner.

Marketplace Chaplains History

Marketplace Chaplains was founded in January of 1984, when Gil Stricklin began serving the employees of a sunglasses distribution company in Dallas, TX. Since then, a nationwide network of professionally trained chaplains has grown every year to serve every state, as well as many companies in Canada and Mexico. Today Marketplace Chaplains has over 2,000 chaplains providing personal care for more than 1,340,000 employees and family members.

Chaplain Care Team member Bill Henson and Tom Coleman, Downs Energy Vice President & General Manager

Workplace Chaplaincy and Services

For over 39 years, Marketplace Chaplains’ ethnically diverse Chaplain Care Teams have been providing exceptional employee care through regularly scheduled, brief visits to worksites across every industry: construction, manufacturing, retail, senior living, farming, finance, hospitality, etc. The result of proactive worksite visits often leads to extended confidential conversations with employees away from work, at a coffee shop, a home, a restaurant or in response to a need at a hospital, senior living community, funeral home, or jail. Marketplace Chaplains’ exclusive MyChap App, proactive emails, newsletters, texts, video chat, and phone calls are some ways remote, mobile, offsite, working-from-home employees, and over-the-road truck drivers receive care.

Chaplain Care Team member Donna Henson and Summer Jacobs, Downs Energy Administrative Assistant

Why Downs Energy Chose Marketplace Chaplains

Employees today often have limited relationships of trust and confidence. They are highly mobile, do not live near their nuclear family, and do not often bring sensitive, personal issues to their supervisor, HR or leadership. Stress can affect an employee’s health and well-being, which can negatively impact their work. A proven business solution to increasing problems of turnover, low morale, absenteeism, conflict, and distraction at work, is a personalized and proactive Employee Care Service such as Marketplace Chaplains. Unlike other mental wellness resources such as an EAP, Marketplace Chaplains has become a true partner of Downs Energy by providing individualized care to our employees, where it would be difficult for the company’s leadership to do so themselves.

For all of us at Downs Energy, we would like to thank Marketplace Chaplains for being our partner for more than 12 years. Our employees are cared for in a personal way so they can thrive both at work and at home.

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