Cardlock E-Receipts: A Total Fuel Management Tool for Fleet Managers

With E-Receipts, Fleet Managers receive a receipt via e-mail within minutes of a fuel transaction occurring. In an environment of increased fuel theft, E-Receipts will help you monitor your Total Fuel Management Program.


  • Know when and where your drivers are filling up
  • Verify product and gallon controls
  • Increase fuel account security
  • Eliminate receipts turned in or misplaced by drivers
  • Send receipts to multiple email addresses

Important Data on Receipt

  • Card Information
    • Card and Account Number
    • Vehicle ID
  • Purchase Information
    • Site Number and Address
    • Date and Time of Transaction
    • Odometer & Misc Entry
  • Product , Quantity and Description

For more details and to set up E-Receipts on your account, please call a Customer Service Representative at 888.810.3835 or contact our Customer Service Department today.

Sample E-Receipt